Subject: IT Internship at DaisyClick

IT Internship at DaisyClick
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You don’t need to be a certain major, just need to have the mandatory
skills listed below.
Position is an easy walk from campus.

DaisyClick is a start-up company from Rome, Italy and they have established
an operation at the University of Maryland International Incubator. The
company provides IT services to eCommerce merchants, data collection and
analysis. It has immediate opening for two engineering interns at the College
Park office located at 8400 Baltimore Avenue, College Park in Maryland.

The person must be available for 20 hours/week.
We are seeking with somebody with real experience on real websites that has
true knowledge of these specific languages.

Mandatory: PHP (OOP), MySQL, jQuery + Ajax, Javascript, CSS3-HTML5, json
Plus: MVC pattern, PHP Framework with a good ORM, Knoledge of API, Websocket,
Canvas or similar for HTML5 games

Contact Person: Marcello Mazzilli
Contact Email: [log in to unmask]