Subject: Bioscience Day - Registration & Call for Posters

Bioscience Day 2015 - November 19, 2015
Registration and Call for Posters (Poster registration deadline is November
10, 2015)

Systems Biology: Advancing Life Sciences and Medicine

Technology commercialization and career networking panel discussions, poster
session with lunch, and the following talks:

    Marc Salit, NIST
    “Genome-Scale Measurements You Can Trust”

    Elizabeth Strychalski, DARPA
    “Controlling Biology: Complexity Is Not The Problem”

    Eytan Ruppin, UMD
    “Can Computers Really Help to Fight Cancer?”

    The Dr. Erik B. & Mrs. Joyce D.C. Young Lecture
    Leroy Hood
    Institute For Systems Biology
   “Systems Medicine and Proactive P4 Medicine:
    Transforming Healthcare through Wellness—A Personal View”

To register as an attendee or as a poster presenter go to

Poster registration deadline is November 10, 2015

Contact Person: Gene Ferrick
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