FIPSE 3 -- a different conference.
Many have commended positively about the first two. 
Are you coming to the third?
(apologies for multiple emails)
Second Announcement of FIPSE 3
June 20-22, 2016 in Rhodes, GREECE
Registration will Open Soon 

This unique conference aims to examine the unsolved challenges in Process Systems Engineering through day-long discussions. Each day discusses a specific theme: there are only two invited presentations or a panel discussion in the morning; in the afternoon, participants in small groups define in some details the research innovations that are needed in the area. If you are interested in shaping what the future challenges are, you should seriously consider participating!

The conference is limited to 50 participants who are required to define their unsolved problem(s) during registration. The proposer of themost interesting unsolved problems will be invited for a five-minute presentation. The conference aims to publish three white papers summarizing each day's discussion.

FIPSE: Future Innovation in PSE
The FIPSE 3 Program

Theme 1: "Integrating Plant-Wide Control and Operations"  Organizers: P. Daoutidis (USA) & J. Lee (Korea)



Invited Talks:

  • "Plant-Wide Control: The Critical Link in Integrated Decision Making Across Process Operations"  S. Skogestad (Norway)
  • "Production Management as an Integrated Part of an Automation System" I. Harjunkoski, (ABB, Germany)

Theme 2: "Process Optimization for New Feedstocks and Energy Sources" Organizer: Alexander Mitsos (Germany)


Invited Talks:

  • "An Industrial Perspective on Model-Based Optimization to Address New Challenges"  N. Asprion (BASF, Germany)
  • "On Single and/or Hybrid Feedstocks for the Production of Fuels, Chemicals, and Electricity" C. Floudas (USA)

Theme 3: " A Panel on Challenges and Innovations in Process Systems Engineering Education" Organizer and Chair: S. Engell (Germany)



  • Ignacio Grossman (USA)
  • R. Donald Bartusiak (ExxonMobil, USA)
  • Ian Cameron (Australia)
  • Heinz A. Preisig (Norway)
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FIPSE 3 Location

FIPSE 3 will take place at the Aldemar all-inclusive Resort in Rhodes, Greece. The Resort is accessible by a short taxi ride from the Rhodes Airport, which has a plethora of international connections. The conference will open with a welcome reception on Sunday night and will feature two banquets, on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. On Monday night, conference participants can dine at the resort or will be transported to the City of Rhodes to dine at a restaurant of their choice. 


In the past two FIPSE meetings, many participants were accompanied by their spouses or significant others. We wish to continue this tradition. 

FIPSE 3 Cultural Tour: Lindos and the Medieval Old Town

Ahead of the conference, on Sunday June 19, 2016, a day-long cultural tour will be organized to visit the archaeological site of Lindos and the medieval part of the city of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is an independent activity and voluntary activity for those who select it during registration.


FIPSE 1 and 2 were by invitation only. FIPSE 3 will be open to all.

Please forward this to anyone who might be interested.

Because of the limit to 50 registrants it will be essential to register early. 



If you have any questions, please contact Christos Georgakis  


Christos Georgakis | Phone: +1-617-627-2573 
 "Future Innovation in Process Systems Engineering" (FIPSE) is a Swiss non-profit organization