Subject: New Course for Fall 2016: BSCI374H

When planning your class schedule for Fall 2016, consider the Biology
department's new course: BSCI374H!

BSCI374H Mathematical Modeling in Biology (4 credits) is a new, repurposed
version of BSCI474.  Students will learn empowering mathematical techniques
through the understanding of biological models. Models are chosen from a
variety of biological disciplines. Mathematical skills that will be developed
along the way include: solving non-linear difference equations, eigenvector
analysis, and the implementation of these algorithms as computer models.

Prerequisites include MATH131 or MATH141. The course is also offered as

Jonathan Simon is the instructor of BSCI374H.  Lecture will be on Tuesdays
and Thursdays at 9:30am - 10:45am in CCC 1111.  Lab will be on Mondays at
1:00pm - 3:50pm in CCC 1111.

Contact Person: Jennie Gouker
Contact Email: [log in to unmask]
Contact Phone Number: 301-405-6904