Subject: Donate to Team BLOOD's UMD Launch Campaign

Description: Team BLOOD is a 4-year undergraduate research project sponsored
by UMD's Gemstone Honors Program. The goal of our project is to determine the
mechanism by which stem cells differentiate into blood cells.  The
overarching purpose of this research is to make it easier to create blood
cells from stem cells, which has the potential to benefit blood-deficient
leukemia patients. Over the course of our LaunchUMD campaign which ends
December 16th, we hope to raise $4000 for our project.  This money will go
towards materials that will be used in our laboratory research, including the
stem cells we will be working with.  Our research cannot happen without this
money, so we appreciate any donation that you can make.  Thank you!

Contact Person: George Thomas
Contact Email: [log in to unmask]
Contact Phone Number: 7327594783
Website URL: http://