Subject: Take Ecology Online this Winter Term

BSCI361 Principles of Ecology (4 credits) is offered as an online course this
winter term: Jan. 3 - 23.  If you need the credits, but are not going to be
on campus during break, this is a great way to satisfy your program
requirement and work independently off campus. Are you looking at your spring
schedule and find that you need an upper level biology, but have no room for
it?  Consider taking BSCI 361 online this winter. You can take care of one of
your upper level biology requirements without having to be on campus.  "Basic
principles of population, community, and ecosystem ecology and use of these
principles to predict possible consequences of human-caused changes in the
For more information or questions, contact Dr. Marcia Shofner:
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Contact Person: Marcia Shofner
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