Subject: Teach science to kids after-school with SEAS!

E-mail us at [log in to unmask] if you're interested in joining SEAS or come
find us at StampFest in the Stamp Grand Ballroom next Thursday, February 2nd

Love teaching, working with kids, or exploring the sciences? Then SEAS -
Science Enrichment After School - is the group for you! We are a student-led
organization at UMD dedicated to spreading enthusiasm and a love for the
sciences to local elementary school kids in PG County. Our first GBM will
take place during the second week of February - all the details will be
e-mailed and posted soon.

Our group visits Adelphi Elementary School's afterschool program every
Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30PM - 4PM to teach fun, interactive, and
lesson plans designed to inspire young students in the sciences. The school
is only 10 minutes away and accessible by UM shuttle! We will begin teaching
on Tuesday, February 21 until the end of April.

In addition, you are not required to volunteer both Tuesday and Thursday. If
you have class during the times we visit Adelphi ES, you can still contribute
by designing fun science lesson plans for the kids!

Contact Person: Ashley Yuen
Contact Email: [log in to unmask]