Subject: Suburban Hospital Johns Hopkins Medical Scribe Recruiting

Suburban Hospital Johns Hopkins, in Bethesda, MD, is seeking 2 full-time
medical scribes and 1 part-time medical scribe interested in careers in
healthcare to staff their program as soon as possible.
Medical scribes act as personal assistants to physicians and nurse
practitioners performing documentation, patient tracking, organization, etc.
We are looking for extremely motivated, sharp, and adaptable students with a
strong work ethic who perform well in a fast-paced and high-energy
environment. Additionally, you gain first-hand experience documenting exactly
like an ER physician or nurse practitioner.
All hours spent training are paid. After training, shifts last 8-10 hours
each. Full-time scribes are required to work a minimum of 3-4 shifts/week and
part time a minimum 2 shifts/week. Additionally, since we commit over 100
hours of training for each employee, there is a verbal commitment of 1 year
of work for full time, 2 years for part-time positions. The pay rate is set
at $10.75/hour.
Few other positions allow for such direct exposure to medicine and this one
of a kind opportunity is paid! Those who have excelled have progressed to
successful healthcare careers.
Visit for instructions on how to apply.
Deadline is February 22nd, 2017.

Event Location: 8600 Old Georgetown Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814
Contact Person: Vaughan Knouse, Chief Scribe
Contact Email: [log in to unmask]
Website URL: