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Please find attached a link to a position at Aalto University within the area of Process Systems Engineering

Postdoctoral researcher position in process systems engineering

One of the key topics is to bring the digitalization into practice around chemical processes and process automation, combining the fields of process design, operations and control through systematic methods for optimization. The candidate will create connections to related research groups and catalyze the formation of cross-laboratory / department collaborations, especially between the process experts and information technologies.

The field of process systems engineering is vital in systematically linking both discrete and continuous decision making with dynamic and nonlinear production processes. Here, collaborative schemes and opportunities between operational technologies (OT) and traditional information technologies (IT) will be investigated and novel demonstrations and prototypes created in collaboration with industry. Steps into future process automation will be taken by seamlessly merging data analytics, process control, operational planning and scheduling, process design and supply chain management in order to create added value for the industry simultaneously focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability of the future industry. The main area of this research position is within planning and scheduling optimization and its interfaces to future process automation systems.

We are looking for strong candidates with chemical-, process-, or industrial engineering background who already possess demonstrated process knowledge and have the capability of understanding main components in process automation. The candidates should have basic knowledge of process control, process analytics and plant design and strong insights in the area of production planning and scheduling. The candidate has already applied and published work related to production optimization and knows NLP, MILP, MINLP methods. We expect capability to successfully perform the research, good programming skills of a major object oriented language (e.g. C++, C#, Java) as well as the capability to work with and supervise graduate students.

The postdoctoral researcher will have access to a very modern campus and its unique laboratory environments (IoT, 5G, pilots) and should also in collaboration with other schools create research results combining the latest data analytics capabilities with efficient optimization algorithms putting the earlier unused data into a context for determining the best operational strategies including material and energy flows.

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