Subject: Undergraduate Research Positions Available

Dr. Efrain Rodriguez is looking for two sophomores (or rising sophomores) to
join his research group. There are two available positions for two different
projects. Both projects incorporate solid-state inorganic chemistry. The
first project involves manipulating the composition of oxides to increase the
capacity for oxygen transfer in redox reactions. Potential applications for
this research includes improving the combustion of fuels in chemical looping
reactions and decreasing carbon dioxide emissions. The second project
involves solid state synthesis and soft chemistry to synthesize transition
metal compounds. These materials have the potential of being a new
cost-effective superconductor, and can be used for MRIs, MAGLEV trains, and
superconducting wires.

Please email Dr. Rodriguez if you are interested, and include a resume and
unofficial transcript.

Event Date: May 9, 2017
Event Location: Chemistry Building, Room 4101
Contact Person: Dr. Efrain Rodriguez
Contact Email: [log in to unmask]
Contact Phone Number: 301-405-1541
Website URL: http://