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/Processes/, Volume 5, Issue 2 (June 2017) <>

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/*Special Issue*/ Water Soluble Polymers <>

Article: *Kinetic control of aqueous polymerization using radicals generated in different spin states <>*

by Ignacio Rintoul

/Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 15; doi:10.3390/pr5020015 <%27>

Article: *Simultaneous Monitoring of the Effects of Multiple Ionic Strengths on Properties of Copolymeric Polyelectrolytes during Their Synthesis <>*

by Aide Wu, Zifu Zhu, Michael F. Drenski and Wayne F. Reed /Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 17; doi:10.3390/pr5020017 <%27>

Article: *Biodegradable and Biocompatible P_DL LA-PEG_1k -P_DL LA Diacrylate Macromers: Synthesis, Characterisation and Preparation of Soluble Hyperbranched Polymers and Crosslinked Hydrogels


by Alan Hughes, Hongyun Tai, Anna Tochwin and Wenxin Wang /Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 18; doi:10.3390/pr5020018 <%27>

Article: *Kinetics of the Aqueous-Phase Copolymerization of MAA and PEGMA Macromonomer: Influence of Monomer Concentration and Side Chain Length of PEGMA <>*

by Iñaki Emaldi, Shaghayegh Hamzehlou, Jorge Sanchez-Dolado and Jose R.


/Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 19; doi:10.3390/pr5020019 <%27>

Article: *Polymerization Kinetics of Poly(2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate) Hydrogels and Nanocomposite Materials


by Dimitris S. Achilias and Panoraia I. Siafaka /Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 21; doi:10.3390/pr5020021 <%27>

Article: *Aqueous Free-Radical Polymerization of Non-Ionized and Fully Ionized Methacrylic Acid <>*

by Eric Jean Fischer, Giuseppe Storti and Danilo Cuccato /Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 23; doi:10.3390/pr5020023 <%27>

Review: *Applications of Water-Soluble Polymers in Turbulent Drag Reduction <>*

by Wen Jiao Han, Yu Zhen Dong and Hyoung Jin Choi /Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 24; doi:10.3390/pr5020024 <%27>

Article: *Design of Cross-Linked Starch Nanocapsules for Enzyme-Triggered Release of Hydrophilic Compounds


by Fernanda R. Steinmacher, Grit Baier, Anna Musyanovych, Katharina Landfester, Pedro H. H. Araújo and Claudia Sayer /Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 25; doi:10.3390/pr5020025 <%27>

Article: *Comparison of Polymer Networks Synthesized by Conventional Free Radical and RAFT Copolymerization Processes in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide <>*

by Patricia Pérez-Salinas, Gabriel Jaramillo-Soto, Alberto Rosas-Aburto, Humberto Vázquez-Torres, María Josefa Bernad-Bernad, Ángel Licea-Claverie and Eduardo Vivaldo-Lima /Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 26; doi:10.3390/pr5020026 <%27>

/*Special Issue*/ Biomedical Systems Control <>

Article: *Environmental Control in Flow Bioreactors


by Serena Giusti, Daniele Mazzei, Ludovica Cacopardo, Giorgio Mattei, Claudio Domenici and Arti Ahluwalia /Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 16; doi:10.3390/pr5020016 <%27>

/*Topical Collection*/ Process Data Analytics <>

Article: *Outlier Detection in Dynamic Systems with Multiple Operating Points and Application to Improve Industrial Flare Monitoring


by Shu Xu, Bo Lu, Noel Bell and Mark Nixon /Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 28; doi:10.3390/pr5020028 <%27>

/*Special Issue*/ Biological Networks


Article: *Structural Properties of Dynamic Systems Biology Models:

Identifiability, Reachability, and Initial Conditions


by Alejandro F Villaverde and Julio R Banga /Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 29; doi:10.3390/pr5020029 <%27>

/*Special Issue*/ Microbial Community Modeling: Prediction of Microbial Interactions and Community Dynamics <>

Article: *Stoichiometric Network Analysis of Cyanobacterial Acclimation to Photosynthesis-Associated Stresses Identifies Heterotrophic Niches


by Ashley E. Beck, Hans C. Bernstein and Ross P. Carlson /Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 32; doi:10.3390/pr5020032 <%27>

/*Further Publications*/

Article: *Targeted Stimulation Using Differences in Activation Probability across the Strength–Duration Space


by Michelle L. Kuykendal, Steve M. Potter, Martha A. Grover and Stephen P. DeWeerth /Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 14; doi:10.3390/pr5020014 <%27>

Perspective: *Cloning of CHO Cells, Productivity and Genetic Stability—A Discussion <>*

by Florian M. Wurm and Maria João Wurm

/Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 20; doi:10.3390/pr5020020 <%27>

Article: *Analyzing the Mixing Dynamics of an Industrial Batch Bin Blender via Discrete Element Modeling Method


by Maitraye Sen, Subhodh Karkala, Savitha Panikar, Olav Lyngberg, Mark Johnson, Alexander Marchut, Elisäbeth Schäfer and Rohit Ramachandran /Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 22; doi:10.3390/pr5020022 <%27>

Editorial: *Special Issue “Real-Time Optimization” of Processes


by Dominique Bonvin

/Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 27; doi:10.3390/pr5020027 <%27>

Article: *Closed-Loop Characterization of Neuronal Activation Using Electrical Stimulation and Optical Imaging


by Michelle L. Kuykendal, Gareth S. Guvanasen, Steve M. Potter, Martha A. Grover and Stephen P. DeWeerth /Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 30; doi:10.3390/pr5020030 <%27>

Editorial: *Special Issue: Water Soluble Polymers


by Alexander Penlidis

/Processes/ *2017*, /5/(2), 31; doi:10.3390/pr5020031 <%27>

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*Biological Networks


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*Process System Engineering for More Efficient Power and Chemicals Production


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