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Please share this online course information with any students who may be interested in joining. Also, please let me know if you also have content or a lecture topic that you'd like to share with the class. A substantial portion of the class is working on innovative dynamic optimization projects so ideas for group projects are also welcome.

Dynamic Optimization Course:

The Dynamic Optimization Course starts Tuesday, 10 January 2018 (14 weeks). A few new aspects of the course for this year are an increased focus on mathematical dynamic modeling, a new Python interface to APMonitor that will be introduced in the course, and more hands-on activities with a MIMO Temperature Control Lab. The course is available for remote participants (WebEx) 3-4 PM Mountain time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The course is freely available but limited to 200 remote participants. The lecture material is pre-recorded and the WebEx sessions are designed for interactive and hands-on participation. To join the course, please fill out a course information form at and obtain (build or buy) an Arduino temperature control lab.
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