Model Predictive Control: Theory, Computation, and Design, 2nd Edition
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The second edition is now available from Amazon.

What's new?

A new coauthor, Professor Moritz M. Diehl, and chapter, Chapter 8,
``Numerical Optimal Control,'' which provides a comprehensive
treatment of methods for the numerical solution of the MPC
optimization problem.

A software release.  The software enables the solution of all of the
examples and exercises in the text requiring numerical calculation.
The software is based on the freely available CasADi language, and a
high-level set of Octave/Matlab functions, MPCTools, to serve as an
interface to CasADi. The software can be downloaded from

New topics. Stochastic MPC, discrete actuators, economic MPC,
distributed MPC of nonlinear systems, software for computing explicit
MPC, new state estimation results for bounded disturbances.
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770 pages
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