Dear Colleagues:

Registration for the 13th annual Eigenvector University is now available. EigenU 2018 runs from April 29-May 4 and will be held at the Washington Athletic Club in downtown Seattle, WA USA. This year’s EigenU includes 15 courses and 2 evening events. The entire EVRI staff will be there, plus our associate Rasmus Bro and special guest Randy Bishop. 

Course updates for this year include:
• A new Process Chemometrics course that focuses on aspects of chemometrics critical in the process environment
• Applied Multiway Methods returns
• Combined and revised Classical Least Squares Methods with Multivariate Curve Resolution
• Wednesday night PLS_Toolbox User Poster Session and PowerUser Tips & Tricks now combined and free! 

Of course we’ll also present our basic series of courses for beginners and an array of advanced topics for those that want to dig deeper. 

You can get complete info for EigenU 2018 at: <>

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