Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the organizing committee, I am pleased to invite you to
submit papers (full length papers or 2 page short papers) to the 
7th International Conference on Foundations of Systems Biology in
Engineering (FOSBE 2018), which will take place in Chicago, Illinois, August
5-8, 2018. 

The field of systems biology has emerged as the bridge between reductionist
molecular and cellular biology approaches and the systems-level
understanding required to use this knowledge. Drawing upon the revolutionary
advances from reductionist approaches in molecular and cellular biology,
systems approaches focus on the relationships between the gene, protein, and
metabolite responses that compose the individual and population responses at
the whole organism level. The primary avenues in this search are (i)
defining the causal connections between the plethora of transcriptional,
protein, and metabolite players; (ii) linking these microscale networks to
system response; and (iii) capturing the dynamics of the system in response
to changes at lower scales.

The primary objectives of the FOSBE 2018 conference are to provide an
in-depth review and critical assessment of the current state-of-the-art, to
discuss current and future needs of research, education and training, and to
identify new directions, opportunities, and challenges in systems biology.

Major conference topics are:

 Modeling of Complex Biological Systems
 Industrial Applications of Systems and Synthetic Biology
 Multi-scale and Multi-omics Experimentation, Data Integration, and Modelling
 Network Inference and Modeling
 Synthetic Biology
 Next Generation Networks and Tools
 Systems Biology of Cellular Metabolism
 Systems and Synthetic Biology for Biotechnology
 Systems Medicine

For detailed information about the 7th FOSBE, visit


Contributed full-length papers           3 February 2018
Short papers                  		 3 February 2018
Acceptance notification                  19 May     2018
Final contributions                      16 June    2018

Best wishes,

Juergen Hahn

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