Greetings! I will be teaching a graduate-level course this spring semester: MITH741 Performing the Digital Humanities.
I've attached a flyer for those interested in exploring the unique space in the Digital Humanities realm held by the performing arts (e.g. music, theatre, and dance). I am hoping for a broad range of students in various disciplines to enter into discussions about performance, supporting the arts in academia, humanities in the broadest sense, and having some time to be creative! Please let me know if you are interested. There is a Final Project in lieu of an Exam, and I am hoping that this course can dovetail with the AADHUM Module 2 taking place in February.

Susan L. Wiesner PhD, CMA
Charles Fowler Digital Humanist in Residence
Special Collections in the Performing Arts
Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library
University of Maryland
phone: 301.314.7614