FIPSE 4  Registration is OPEN

Conference Date: June 24-27, 2018

FIRST Reminder that FIPSE 4 Registration is OPEN 


Dear CAST member,


Following my February 1 email, announcing that the FIPSE 4 registration had OPENED, 12 people registered in just seven days. If one were to add to this number the FIPSE trustees, the session chairs and the speaker, the number rises to 27 registrants.


If you plan to attend,

 please resister as soon as possible! 

The limit of 50 participants might be a hard constraint from the Hotel's side.


We have also reserved six (6) spots for graduate students. Concerning the participation of graduate students, we are delighted to announce that we are now able to offer 4 FIPSE Graduate Student Participation Awards. The students selected will receive free registration and hotel accommodation (a value of $900) and a $600 partial travel grant. This year's awards are sponsored by BASF and PSE Enterprise. Prodromos Daoutidis, a FIPSE trustee, is putting together a committee to evaluate the nominations. The deadline for nominations is March 31. Additional information will be posted in the FIPSE website


The FIPSE conference series has established itself as the unique venue where unsolved problems and unmet challenges are addressed during the day while the evenings are filled with amble relaxation, great food and unique seaside scenery under the bright Greek moonlight. In the past, more that 70% of the participants have been accompanied by their spouses.


Details about the FIPSE 4 conference, sent in previous emails, are also included below. 


I hope you and possibly your spouse/companion will join us at FIPSE 4.  




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Christos Georgakis
Systems Research Institute at Tufts University




The FIPSE Graduate Student Participation Awards are sponsored by:     


FIPSE 4 Technical Program 



  Day 1: Monday, June 25, 2018

            Model and Process Uncertainty - Quantification and Usage

Organized by Rolf Findeisen, (Otto-von-Guericke U.) 

? Benoit Chachuat (Imperial)

"Prediction and Exploitation of Uncertainty in Dynamic Processes"

? Richard Braatz (MIT) 

"Optimal Control of Uncertain Systems" 

  Day 2: Tuesday, June 26, 2018

            Water Challenges from the Process Systems Engineering Perspective

Organized by Michael Doherty, (UCSB)

? Bhavik Bakshi (Ohio State U.) 

"Meeting the Challenges of Water Sustainability by Expanding the Boundaries of PSE"

? Sirish Shah (U. of Alberta)

"PSE paradigms for challenges in the Water-Food-Energy Nexus"

  Day 3: Wednesday, June 26, 2017

            Material Discovery and Product Design

Organized by Christos Maravelias, (U. of Wisconsin - Madison)

? Claire Adjiman (Imperial) 

? "What can PSE do for molecules? What can molecules do for PSE?"

? Dion Vlahos (Delaware)

? "In Silico Prediction of Materials for Energy Applications"

?  Nikos Sahinidis (CMU)

? "Challenges and opportunities in computational design of organic photovoltaics"

In the second half of the morning session, six (6) additional presentations will be made by selected conference participants. They will be selected by the session organizer from the registrants' input on the open problems discussed in the conference. This is a required input during registration.

During the afternoon session, well-structured breakout groups will refine the definition of the open problems in a concrete way as to facilitate the drafting of a white paper describing the findings of the day.


A Unique Venue in Northern Greece

The Porto Carras Resort is a five-star Hotel in the town of Neos Marmaras in the Sithonia peninsula in Chalkidiki, 120 Km east of the Thessaloniki International Airport.   FIPSE will provide bus service from the airport to the resort on Sunday, June 24 during the afternoon and from the resort to the airport on Thursday morning. Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece with a population of more than 300,000. Its international airport has direct flights to many European airports and 10 daily flights to and from Athens. 


Social Program:  There will be a welcome reception on Sunday night and two banquets on Tuesday and Wednesday night, a FIPSE tradition. On Monday night participants will be transported by boat to the nearby town of Neos Marmaras where they will dine on their own at one of the several restaurant by the seaside.   (details below)

Learn More: Porto Carras Meliton Resort and about Thessaloniki: Here or here


Format: Discuss and Define Unsolved Problems 



Each day of the conference is devoted to a single topic of Process Systems Engineering. A general topic and an organizer for each of the three days is selected by the FIPSE trustees. Each day organizer further define the topic and proposes the invited speakers. The selected speakers for each day make a 30-45-minute morning presentation. These presentations focus 65% of their time defining 1-3 important open research problems that should be addressed by the community in the next 5 to 10 years.  In the second half of the morning session, the day organizer invites 5-6 of the conference participants to make a five-minute presentation on their definition of an open research problem which they have defined during the online conference registration. The morning session ends with considerable discussion among the participants and the presenters.


In the afternoon session, the participants break into groups where they discuss further and define in greater detail the open problems in the area. Each of the groups report back to all participants followed by another round of discussions. The day organizer and the two invited speakers collect a record of all the ideas proposed. Six to twelve months after the conference, they are expected to draft a manuscript to be published in a respected journal as a record on what was concluded at the FIPSE conference. A draft of this paper is circulated among all FIPSE participants for comments and suggestions for improvement. All participants who contribute substantially become co-authors. This publication aims to inform non-participants and motivate all researchers to help solve the defined challenges or to pursue alternative ones.



Optional Pre-Conference Cultural Trip

On Sunday June 24, an optional day-long cultural trip is planned to visit the Vergina site. This is where the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, was discovered and excavated in 1977.

The 1h 15 min trip to Verging will start at 9:00 in Thessaloniki by bus. After the visit to the site, the group will have lunch 13:00 - 15:00.  The visit will be guided by an expert archaeological guide who will join us in the bus ride and give us an introduction about the site. Participants in this trip should overnight in Thessaloniki on Saturday, June 23 and should book the Hotel accommodations in Thessaloniki individually. One of the recommended Hotels is Macedonia Palace where the trip will commence. 


Social Program   



Welcome Reception

Sunday, June 24: 20:00 - 22:00

with finger food, drinks and live music B.

Free Night for Participants

Monday, June 25: 19:30 - 23:30

Participants will dine on their own in Neos Marmaras, a seaside town 3 Km north. FIPSE transportation by boat

Fish Banquet 

Tuesday, June 26: 19:00 - 23:30 

at Panos Fish Tavern, 10 km south. FIPSE transportation by boat

Greek Banquet

Wednesday, June 27: 19:00 - 24:00

At the Porto Carras Hotel with Greek Music and Dances

Please visit:  FIPSE 1,  FIPSE 2FIPSE 3   and see comments of past participant here


Visit the FIPSE webpages for updates.


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