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NTNU Department of Chemical Engineering and SUBPRO (<>) are currently looking to hire a PhD research fellow/Post doctoral fellow for a period of three years, within the following area: Validation of Methods for Optimizing Remaining Useful Life (RUL).

This project is a continuation of an ongoing activity in developing methods for optimizing production from an oil field, while simultaneously avoiding unplanned production stops due to equipment degradation. In the ongoing project, we are developing mathematical formulations that incorporate uncertainty in the model and the production parameters by applying a robust (scenario-based) model predictive control approach.

The candidate will design and set up a small lab rig on which production optimization and accelerated life testing of critical components in oil production systems can be carried out. The mini-lab rig will be used to verify our methods that were tested in simulations. Part of the work will be to develop the methods further, and also to study how machine-learning techniques can be used to develop data-driven diagnostic and prognostic models for the lab system.

This project is a combination of lab work and numerical studies in a programming language such as Matlab or Python. We are looking for candidates who like to see their simulation results realized in a physical system. The activities will involve process modelling and analysis, developing methods from robust and stochastic optimization, and applying them on the laboratory system.

Applications are to be submitted here by May 21:

For further information about the position please contact Associate Professor Johannes Jäschke, e-mail: [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>

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