Toward a Distinct and Quantitative Validation Method for Predictive Process Modelling—On the Example of Solid-Liquid Extraction Processes of Complex Plant Extracts

Processes, Volume 6, Issue 6 (June 2018)

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Featured Papers

William R. Cannon, Jeremy D. Zucker, Douglas J. Baxter, Neeraj Kumar, Scott E. Baker, Jennifer M. Hurley and Jay C. Dunlap

Processes 2018, 6(6), 63; doi:10.3390/pr6060063

Hassan Baaqeel and Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi

Processes 2018, 6(6), 68; doi:10.3390/pr6060068

Xuechao Gao, Bing Gao, Xingchen Wang, Rui Shi, Rashid Ur Rehman and Xuehong Gu

Processes 2018, 6(6), 70; doi:10.3390/pr6060070



Junmeng Li, Yanli Huang, Ming Qiao, Zhongwei Chen, Tianqi Song, Guoqiang Kong, Huadong Gao and Lei Guo

Processes 2018, 6(6), 64; doi:10.3390/pr6060064

Der-Sheng Chan, Jun-Sheng Chan and Meng-I Kuo

Processes 2018, 6(6), 71; doi:10.3390/pr6060071

Special Issues Open for Submissions

Methods in Computational Biology
(Deadline: 31 July 2018)

Novel Membrane Technologies for Traditional Industrial Processes
(Deadline: 31 July 2018)

Membrane Materials, Performance and Processes
(Deadline: 31 August 2018)

Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems
(Deadline: 15 September 2018)

Physics and Mechanics of Biofilms: Modelling and Experimental Characterizations
(Deadline: 30 September 2018)

Thin Film Processes
(Deadline: 31 October 2018)

Recent Advances in Population Balance Modeling
(Deadline: 31 October 2018)

Computational Synthetic Biology
(Deadline: 30 November 2018)

Transient Gene Expression for Rapid Protein Supply
(Deadline: 30 November 2018)

Process Design, Integration, and Intensification
(Deadline: 31 December 2018)

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