Subject: Participate in a paid study and learn about the bilingual mind!

Have you always wondered how your mind juggles all your languages? Do you
want to know more about your English proficiency? I am recruiting nonnative
speakers of English for a study about language and cognition!
You will be paid $20 to complete:
1) Online prescreening (10-15 minutes) – Receive your scores on an English
proficiency test!
2) In-person session (1.5 hours)

Participants must be 18 or older, learned English as a second language, have
advanced English proficiency, and have moved to an English-speaking
environment as a teenager or older. To complete the prescreening, visit or contact Alia Lancaster at [log in to unmask]

Contact Person: Alia Lancaster
Contact Email: [log in to unmask]
Website URL: