Cometary Science Newsletter
Issue 41
August 2018

- Rosetta Special Issue in A&A

- Conference Announcements

  + Symposium in Celebration of Mike A'Hearn

- Refereed Journal Articles

  + Further investigation of changes in cometary rotation, Mueller &

  + Icy Grains from the Nucleus of Comet C/2013 US10 (Catalina),
    Protopapa et al.

  + Solar system science with the Wide-Field InfraRed Survey Telescope
    (WFIRST), Holler et al.

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The Cometary Science Newsletter is dedicated to sharing and furthering
cometary science. CSN invites contributions from the astronomical and
planetary science communities, including abstracts of papers accepted
for publication in refereed journals, thesis abstracts, timely notes
on particular comets, conference announcements, job announcements, or
other relevant and brief scientific communications. Relevant topics
include observational, theoretical, and laboratory work concerning
comets, but also may include studies of associated phenomena, such as
Centaurs, asteroid-comet transition objects, debris disks, and
protoplanetary disks.