Subject: Enroll in TLPL 101, Earn $150, Try Teaching With No Obligation

Try Teaching in TLPL 101!
       You will be matched with a partner from your class, and a teacher at a
local elementary school.  Over the course of the semester, you and your
partner will visit this teacher’s classroom to conduct one observation and
teach two inquiry-based lessons.
       This course encourages students to think deeply about what it means to
learn and teach math and science.  The main goals are to begin to understand
the teaching profession, the complexity of the classroom, and start to
develop teaching practices that are responsive to student ideas.
       Your class schedule must allow for a 3-hour window of time, preferably
twice weekly, during the local elementary school hours (7:45 am-3: 15 pm) to
complete the three fieldwork assignments.  Yes, you will only be in the
school three times during the semester.  All schools are close to campus and
accessible via public transportation.  Terrapin Teachers will pay for the
fingerprinting that is required prior to visiting the school. If you earn a
"B" grade or better in the course, you will receive a $150 scholarship.

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