Dear Colleagues:

The 14th Annual Eigenvector University will run May 5-10, 
2019. As usual we’ll be at the fabulous Washington Athletic 
Club in beautiful downtown Seattle, WA, USA. 

Registration is now open! We have a number of new and 
updated courses. Here’s the schedule:

Sunday May 5
AM1 - Linear Algebra for Chemometricians — Updated!          
PM1 - MATLAB for Chemometricians                

Monday May 6
AD1 - Chemometrics I-PCA                         
AM2 - Model Deployment w/Solo_Predictor & Model_Exporter          
PM2 - Data Visualization — New Course!          

Tuesday May 7
AD1 - Chemometrics II-Regression & PLS          
AD2 - Nonlinear Methods — New Methods!                    

Wednesday May 8
AM1 - Clustering and Classification            
AM2 - Multi-block, Multi-level & Data Fusion          
PM1 - Advanced Spectral Preprocessing
PM2 - Robust Methods for PCA & PLS — It’s back!      
Evening - PowerUser Tips & Tricks & Poster Session — Free!         

Thursday May 9
AM1 - Optimized and Hierarchical Models      
AM2 - Calibration Model Maintenance             
PM1 - Variable Selection 
PM2 - Scripting Speedup and Parallelization — New Course!                                                                          
Evening - Workshop Dinner at Torchy’s                    
Friday May 10
AD1 - Multivariate/Hyperspectral Image Analysis           
AD2 - Classical Least Squares & Multivariate Curve Resolution

(Key: AD1 = all day in room 1, AM2 = morning in room 2, etc.)            
Register and pay before March 29 for the best rates. Complete
information can be found at

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