Subject: Faculty Research Assistant

Dr. Patrick Kanold is seeking a full time Faculty Research Assistant to carry
out important tasks in a systems neuroscience research lab that investigates
circuit mechanisms of hearing and the effects of aging in auditory cortex of
mice: 1) mouse colony maintenance, including breeding and genotyping, 2)
surgeries to allow imaging of brain activity, and 3) mouse behavioral
testing. Opportunities to participate in other roles may emerge over time.
Initial term of the position is 12 months and has the possibility for

(1) Mouse colony maintenance, involves mouse husbandry and genotyping,
checking the health of all mice, regularly formulating a breeding plan,
mating mice and weaning offspring, tracing lineages of offspring, PCR,
maintaining detailed records, and regularly updating an online lab mouse

(2) Assisting in surgeries to visualize brain activity.

(3) In order to better understand mouse hearing and the effects of aging, the
lab is conducting experiments in which subject performance on behavioral
tasks is assessed regularly. The Faculty Research Assistant will take a
dominant role in the behavioral testing, performing preliminary data
analyses, and documenting results.

The ideal candidate will have received an undergraduate degree in biology,
psychology, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, or a related field, and
will have some familiarity with some aspect of scientific research described
above. An interest in how the brain processes sound is a strong plus, as is
high proficiency in at least one programming language (preferably Matlab).

Required Qualifications:
• BA/BS degree
• Highly motivated
• Excellent communication skills
• Highly organized and responsible

Preferred Qualifications:
• Animal handling experience
• Computer skills, experience in programming languages (Matlab, C, python,
java, or other)
• Advanced undergraduate-level knowledge of genetics and molecular biology
• Genotyping experience

The anticipated start date for the position is May 28, 2019.

Contact Person: Keyan Javadi
Contact Email: [log in to unmask]
Contact Phone Number: 301-405-3145