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 CALL for SHORT Presentations at FIPSE 5

June 17-19, 2020



Preliminary Information


The Mission of a FIPSE Conference: Cooperatively deliberate, write and publish three white papers that define open problems that will impact future research.


Structure of the three Morning FIPSE Sessions: The first half of the morning includes two 45-min presentations. Each presentation defines a few important open research problems that ought to be addressed by the community in the next 5-10 years. The second half entails two parts: (i) four 15-min presentations of open problems by members of the PSE community, and (ii) open discussion involving all participants and presenters. 



Prospective FIPSE 5 participants interested in presenting open problems are invited to submit an extended abstract of their proposed contribution by December 8, 2019 (a pdf file with less than 500 words). This contribution is not meant to present existing results but should focus in a clear manner on defining a specific open problem in one of the three FIPSE 5 topics. Selection will be made by the session organizers together with representatives of the FIPSE Trustees. Preference will be given to young presenters. The selected short presentations will be listed in the conference program. Their authors will be informed by January 31, 2020 and will be expected to register and participate at the conference. Please email your proposal to [log in to unmask] 


The Conference Program



Day 1: Intelligent Manufacturing


Chaired by Dr. Costas Pantelides (PSEnterprise)


·     Exploiting new data formats and sources in process control and operations

·     Prof. Victor Zavala, (U. of Wisconsin) & Prof. Michael Baldea, (U. of Texas at Austin)

·     Towards Autonomous Operations

·     Dr. Apostolos Georgiou, Senior Engineering Advisor (ExxonMobil) and  Dr. Kiran R. Sheth, Distinguished Engineering Associate (ExxonMobil)



Day 2: Machine Learning in PSE 


Chaired by Profs. Prodromos Daoutidis (U. of Minnesota) and Jay Lee (KAIST)


·     Machine Learning Challenges and Opportunities for Catalysis and Materials Design

·     Prof. Srinivas Rangarajan, (Lehigh U.)

·     Industrial Perspective of Machine Learning and AI Challenges in PSE

·     Dr. Leo Chiang, Associate Technology Director, Dow



Day 3: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Small Molecules


Chaired by Dr. Jason Mustakis (Pfizer Worldwide R&D)


·     Challenges and Opportunities in the Development of Pharmaceutical Processes using New Manufacturing Technologies

·     Dr. Joel M. Hawkins, Sr. Research Fellow, Pfizer Worldwide R&D

·     Digital Development of Drug Products - New Frontiers for Systems Engineering

·     Dr. Salvador García Muñoz, Senior Engineering Advisor, Lilly Research Laboratories


Our Warmest Invitation to Participate


The FIPSE Trustees invite you to participate at the FIPSE 5 Conference where all participants are contributing in defining the OPEN research problems the community needs to address in the next 5-10 years. The FIPSE conference series has established itself as the unique venue where unsolved problems and unmet challenges are addressed during the day while the evenings are filled with ample relaxation, great food and unique seaside scenery under the bright Greek moonlight. In the past, more that 70% of the participants have been accompanied by their spouses or companions. If you have not participated before and need to be convinced about the value of this novel conference series read what past participants have said about their experiences here


FIPSE 5 will take place on June 17-19, 2020 at the Knossos Royal Hotel, a five-star resort of the Aldemar group, on the island of Crete, Greece. The resort is located 23.3 Km east of the Heraklion airport near the city of Hersonissos. This is the location where FIPSE 2 took place. As in previous FIPSE conferences, we look forward to the participation of 50 researchers worldwide, plus many spouses. Please mark your calendar: Arrivals on June 16 and departures on June 20. Extended stays before and after the conference will be possible at reduced prices. 


We hope you and, possibly, your better half will plan to join us at FIPSE 5. Registration will open in early 2020. 




Christos Georgakis


Venue Details


The breathtaking Aldemar Knossos Royal Hotel, a 5-Star Resort in Hersonissos, Crete. It is located 23.3 Km east of the Heraklion airport and can be reached by taxi, rental car or a FIPSE minibus.


First FIPSE-5 Event: Welcome Reception at 7:00 p.m. on June 16. 


Learn More: 

·     Venue: Aldemar Knossos Royal

·     Heraklion: The Town

·     Heraklion: The Archeological Museum

·     Knossos: The Archeological Cite


Conference Format


The FIPSE Mission is to cooperatively deliberate, write and publish three white papers that define the open problems that will impact future research.


Each day of the conference is devoted to a single topic of Process Systems Engineering. The FIPSE trustees select the day topics and the corresponding chairs who further define the topic and select the invited speakers. The invited speakers for each day make two 45-minute morning presentations. These presentations focus 65% of their time defining a few important open research problems that should be addressed by the community in the next 5 to 10 years. In the second half of the morning session, 4 short talks are presented by participants selected from proposals submitted ahead of the conference. These talks are also listed in the final conference program. The morning session concludes with a discussion on what was presented. 


In the afternoon session, the participants break into groups to discuss and define in greater detail the open problems of the day's topic. Each of the groups reports back to all participants, and another round of discussions follows with all participants involved. The day organizer(s) and the invited speakers, collect notes of what was discussed to help them draft the corresponding paper. A draft of such a paper is circulated six months later to all participants for their comments and suggested editions before it is submitted for publication. All who contribute substantial edits become co-authors. 


These FIPSE publications aim to motivate researchers to help solve the defined challenges or pursue alternative ones.


MARK THE DATES:  June 17-19, 2020

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