The Nordic Process Control Award is awarded for lasting and significant contributions to the field of process control.


The 17th recipient of this award is Professor Nina Thornhill from Imperial College who received the

award in recognition of her lasting and significant contributions to the field of process control and automation.


In particular NCPG board recognizes Prof. Thornhill’s novel contributions in research to developing innovative approaches,

tools and methods for process monitoring, fault diagnosis and detection and optimal operation of large scale production facilities.

Moreover, Prof Thornhill has made important contributions as a coordinator in several European Marie Sklodowska-Curie projects,

which brings together industrial and academic partnership to train early stage researchers and professionals in the field of process automation and control.


The award was presented to Professor Thornhill on August 22, 2019 during the 22th Nordic Process Control Workshop held in Lyngby in Denmark.

In connection with the award ceremony, Prof. Nina Thornhill delivered an inspiring award lecture with entitled "Discovery through process data analytics".


The slides of the award lecture slides and more information about the Nordic Working Group on Process Control can be found at:


Previous winners of the Nordic Process Control Award:


1995: Howard H. Rosenbrock  

1997: Karl Johan Åstrøm 

1998: F. Greg Shinskey 

2000: Jens G. Balchen 

2001: Charles R. Cutler 

2003: Roger W. Sargent

2004: Ernst Dieter Gilles 

2006: Manfred Morari 

2007: Jacques Richalet 

2009: John MacGregor

2010: Graham C. Goodwin

2012: Lorenz T. Biegler

2013: James B. Rawlings

2015: Rudolf Kalman

2017: Wolfgang Marquardt

2018: Dale Seborg

2019: Nina Thornhill