The researcher will work with Prof. Ierapetritou and her research team. The research will include working with researchers at the Energy Institute at UD and investigate alternative catalytic and biological transformations of biomass to chemicals and fuels. The work involves modeling the entire process flowsheet using simulation software and mathematical modeling approaches. The postdoctoral researcher will work with the research team of the PI to perform techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment of various alternatives.


Work with UD researchers to simulate different pathways for the production of various chemicals.
Perform techno-economic analysis of the different flowsheets.  
Work with other researchers from UD and other institutions to formulate and compare different approaches for life cycle assessment.
Responsible for data management, analysis, and presentation of results to industrial and DOE scientists and management, business leaders, as well as at relevant scientific conferences.  


A PhD or equivalent in chemical engineering, with experience in process design optimization, use of process simulators (i.e. ASPEN, gProms, etc.), and or experience with life cycle assessment. Strong interpersonal skills along with technical skills are preferred.

How To Apply: 

This position is posted on UD’s Jobs page: (search 494520)