Fellow Engineers: 

Eigenvector Research is pleased to announce the schedule for
the 15th Annual Eigenvector University. EigenU 2020 will be
April 26 through May 1 in Seattle, USA, at the Washington
Athletic Club.

This EigenU comprises 16 courses over 6 days plus 2 evening 
events including our PLS_Toolbox/Solo User Poster Session
with prizes for the best two posters. 

Instructors include the entire EVRI technical staff plus our
associate Rasmus Bro. 

The EigenU 2020 schedule is listed below. Complete info can
be found at 

Registration will be available Monday. Questions? Please

Sunday April 26
AM1 - Linear Algebra for Chemometricians          
PM1 - MATLAB for Chemometricians                

Monday April 27
AD1 - Chemometrics I-PCA                         
AM2 - Model Deployment w/Solo_Predictor and Model_Exporter          
PM2 - Parallelization, Speedup, Objects & Cluster Workshop — New!        

Tuesday April 28
AD1 - Chemometrics II-Regression & PLS          
AD2 - Introduction to Multi-way Methods 
— It’s Back!                    

Wednesday April 29
AM1 - Clustering and Classification            
AM2 - Calibration Model Maintenance & Calibration Transfer        
PM1 - Advanced Spectral Preprocessing
PM2 - Multivariate Curve Resolution      
Evening - PowerUser Tips & Tricks & Poster Session — Free!        

Thursday April 30
AM1 -
Variable Selection 
PM1 - Multi-block, Multi-level and Data Fusion Methods               
AD2 - Machine Learning Methods for Chemometricians Updated!                                                                        
Evening - Workshop Dinner at Torchy’s                    
Friday May 1
AD1 - Multivariate/Hyperspectral Image Analysis           
AD2 - Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) Workshop
 — It’s Back!
(Key: AD1 = all day in room 1, AM2 = morning in room 2, etc.)