It is with regret that we announce the Founding Editor-in-Chief (Dr. Michael Henson) and the six Section Editors (Dr. Thomas Adams, Fausto Gallucci, Martha Grover,  Juergen Hahn, John Hedengren, Volker Hessel) of Processes will be resigning May 1. We wish to thank the community for helping us establish Processes as an open access option in process and systems engineering. Below we provide a brief explanation of the circumstances that led to our collective resignation so there is no mystery about the situation.


Since the Processes Editorial Board meeting at the AIChE Annual meeting in November, 2019, the Editor-in-Chief and Section Editors have been working on plans to improve the editorial oversight, quality and long-term viability of  the journal. After numerous email exchanges and on-line meetings with the Processes Editorial Staff and Management Team, it has become abundantly clear that the Editorial Board and the publisher MDPI have very different views about the journal and its direction. MDPI has stated that it will not modify the current plan for rapid, quota-driven growth, while the Editorial Board will not compromise its overarching goals of publication quality and scholarly contribution. We believe the two parties are now at an impasse that will not improve with further discussions. Therefore, we have chosen to resign and let the journal move forward with a new leadership team compatible with their values.


Michael A. Henson, Processes Editor-in-Chief

Thomas Adams, Fausto Gallucci, Martha Grover,  Juergen Hahn, John Hedengren and Volker Hessel, Processes Section Editors