Dear CAST10 friends,

Hope everything goes well with you and your families in this COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are looking for term projects or free MATLAB training materials for process control and systems biology, you are welcome to check the following MATLAB modules developed by my group at Villanova University:

MATLAB modules for process control: we implemented the core techniques of process modeling and control in MATLAB/Simulink, which offers a user-friendly interface and which makes solving math problems like kids playing Lego. Three teaching modules were developed, including 11 examples and 13 videos that deal with solving ODE models, performing Laplace transform, and designing PID controllers. Please check the following paper for the detail of these modules:

MATLAB modules for systems biology: we developed MATLAB modules and integrated them in the course Systems Biology. This can be a term project for student to implement the ODE model for bio-reaction networks in MATLAB, perform sensitivity analysis, estimate selected parameters, and evaluate the impact of feedback loops on the output. We mainly focus on IL-6 signaling pathways in these modules. Please check the following paper for the detail of these modules:

You can find the handouts and recorded videos for the aforementioned modules in the following link:

If you need the MATLAB programs, please email me: [log in to unmask]

Thanks and stay safe.

Jacky Huang.