FYI - Johns Hopkins University’s GIS program is hosting a 4-part virtual series about their COVID-19 dashboards. Part 1 took place yesterday (see below for video link). They’ve only shared the video for the first speaker. The second talk was provided by the grad student who created the dashboard; he discussed the initial idea for and evolution of the dashboard, some of the surprising places it has shown up (including government watch centers), and other countries that have replicated it for their own data. 

Next week they’re covering how COVID-19 information is being used to inform high level decision-making. 

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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for registering for the first part of the four-part series entitled, "Mapping a Monster: Making Sense of COVID-19 Data through Geospatial Technology." In the first part we heard from industry experts who shared experiences and big picture workflows of using geospatial technology to display and analyze COVID-19 data. You can watch the recording of this webinar using the link below. (Please note that due to pending publications, we will not be sharing Ensheng (Frank) Dong's presentation. Thank you for understanding.)
In the presentation, Dr. Este Geraghty mentioned her whitepaper, “Geographic Information Systems for Coronavirus Planning and Response,” which can be found here and a resource to learn how to use ArcGIS Dashboards which can be found here

If you haven't already, you are encouraged to sign up for the second part of this series schedule for Wednesday, June 17th at 2 PM EDT. Presenters Dr. Paul Doherty, NAPSG Foundation Director, Technology and Innovation, and Martin Gamache, Senior cartographer from National Geographic, will be highlighting how specific agencies and organizations have been using the COVID-19 data to make critical decisions in the field and how pandemic have been mapped over time.
Finally, you can always learn more about the MS in Geographic Information Systems by visiting our website here.

I hope to see you all at the next part of this series,

Cassandra (Cassie) Hansen PhD, GISS
Program Coordinator for GIS and Environmental Science and Policy
Advanced Academic Programs | Johns Hopkins University
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