Dear CAST colleagues, 

The process systems engineering group at the Institute of Energy and Process Systems Engineering (InES) / TU Braunschweig, Germany has an open PhD position: "Methodology for a precise model-based characterization of liquid-phase adsorption processes". We're looking for a PhD student who has experience in at least two of the following areas: model-based optimal experimental design, algebraic identification and estimation methods, system inversion and data assimilation, and dynamic optimization and uncertainty quantification. If you do know someone that fits this specification, please do point them to the link below for more details: 

Thank you and kind regards,  
René Schenkendorf  
Dr.-Ing. René Schenkendorf  
Team Leader Process Systems Engineering  
TU Braunschweig  
Institute of Energy and Process Systems Engineering  
Franz-Liszt-Str. 35  
D-38106 Braunschweig  
Phone:+49-(0)531-391- 65 601  
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