Dear CAST colleagues,

Please help to forward the email to any one in your network that might be interested in this program by Cornell Systems Engineering.

The Ezra Systems Scholars Program upholds the values of Ezra Cornell, who founded the university as an "institution where any person can find instruction in any study." Today, through this program, scholars from anywhere in the world can find multiple opportunities to join a welcoming research environment at the forefront of systems thinking, systems research, systems design, and systems innovation and entrepreneurship.

Example Methodologies of interest include but not limited to:

· Optimization
· Data science
· Advanced computing
· Graph and network theory
· Systems architecting
· Agent-based simulation
· Behavior science
· Knowledge representation
Current application areas of interest include but not limited to:

· Smart, Connected, and Healthy Communities – Smart integrative energy systems
· Smart, Connected, and Healthy Communities – Smart mobility and transportation systems
· Cyber-Human-Physical Systems – Human-system interaction, human-centered planning and design
· Urban Technology and Infrastructure Systems – Urban technologies, urban analytics, urban systematics
· Systems Thinking, Enterprise, and Management/Leadership

Applications are typically due twice a year, Jan. 15 and July 15, to start in the following fall or spring semester.

Thanks much and have a great day,

Fengqi You, PhD
Roxanne E. and Michael J. Zak Professor
Cornell University

Mail:  318 Olin Hall, Ithaca, New York 14853
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