Multi-parametric Optimization and Control


Authors: Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos, Nikolaos A. Diangelakis, Richard Oberdieck


Publication date: 2020/12/10


Publisher: John Wiley & Sons



Recent developments in multi-parametric optimization and control Multi-Parametric Optimization and Control provides comprehensive coverage of recent methodological developments for optimal model-based control through parametric optimization. It also shares real-world research applications to support deeper understanding of the material. Researchers and practitioners can use the book as reference. It is also suitable as a primary or a supplementary textbook. Each chapter looks at the theories related to a topic along with a relevant case study. Topic complexity increases gradually as readers progress through the chapters. The first part of the book presents an overview of the state-of-the-art multi-parametric optimization theory and algorithms in multi-parametric programming. The second examines the connection between multi-parametric programming and model-predictive control—from the linear quadratic regulator over hybrid systems to periodic systems and robust control. The third part of the book addresses multi-parametric optimization in process systems engineering. A step-by-step procedure is introduced for embedding the programming within the system engineering, which leads the reader into the topic of the PAROC framework and software platform. PAROC is an integrated framework and platform for the optimization and advanced model-based control of process systems. Uses case studies to illustrate real-world applications for a better understanding of the concepts presented Covers the fundamentals of optimization and model predictive control Provides information on key topics, such as the basic sensitivity theorem, linear …


Multi-parametric Optimization and Control


EN Pistikopoulos, N Diangelakis, R Oberdieck - 2020




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