If you're attending the AIChE Annual Meeting virtually, you probably noticed some major technical difficulties in the platform(s). As the Computing and Systems Technology Division, we want to provide a better technical experience to all of you, particularly our presenters in the pre-recorded+ sessions who worked so hard to prepare content. 

Two big items to share that Programming Chair Alexander Mitsos wanted to have passed along while it is night in Germany.

1. We are working to organize a single video conferencing call for all speakers in each pre-recorded+ session. 
1. set up a zoom meeting for the time slot of your session. Please also allow for breakout room.
2. circulate the zoom meeting room to all session participants and insert in the spreadsheet above, so we can bypass the iposter system if it is down
3. invite presenters to use *exclusively* this zoom meeting during the assigned slot. They shall please link to this zoom meeting in their iposter.
4. Moderate this meeting. Please decide on the fly if it is better to discuss one talk after another or all together. If a discussion starts to be too detailled/technical please move it to a breakout room.
5. Use https://aiche.confex.com/aiche/2020/portal.cgi  to find the emails for all the authors (presenters + co-authors) via the AIChE confex portal. If you login to that and select the session you are chairing, you will see three options: 1) view session, 2) print abstracts, and 3) contact people. Choose the 'print abstracts' option and it will show the abstracts as well as the emails of all the authors.
    1. Get the common video conferencing link from your session chair
    2. Replace any live session link you had in iPosterSessions with this common link. Pay attention to if a password is needed for the session. You can also paste this link somewhere on your iPoster.
    3. Attend the scheduled time for the group call.
    4. If you have a scheduling conflict, feel free to keep your original plan for a live session or chat times. It would be helpful to note this on your iposter somewhere.
2. Networking 
Networking room for video chatting with colleagues in our own virtual lounge: https://www.wonder.me/r?id=rzx2vt-gj7ec