Subject: Ethics & AI Scholarship in Practice course

PHIL209D: AI & Ethics
(Spring 2021)

This is a Philosophy Scholarship in Practice course. It is designed to
introduce you to a major subfield of contemporary Philosophy, namely applied
ethics, and to give you the experience of using some major tools in the
practice of philosophy more generally, namely, the construction and formal
evaluation of arguments, conceptual analysis, the use of thought experiments,
and clear, direct and persuasive writing. The substantive focus of the course
will be the ethical evaluation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in some of its
current and potentially future incarnations. Among the topics we’ll discuss

Algorithmic opacity & bias
Machine learning & decision-making

Autonomy: human & machine                                          Moral
responsibility: human & machine

AI’s impact on human employment                                 Lethal
Autonomous Weapons Systems

Sex robots & care robots
Do robots have rights?

Prof. Susan Dwyer				Tu,Th: 12:30pm-1:45pm (online, synch.)
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Contact Person: Susan Jane Dwyer
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