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  The Joint Interest Group on Life Cycle Assessment of SETAC North America and the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment has launched eight working groups to address pressing issues around LCA methodology and application.  As a chemical engineer, I’ve volunteered to lead a workgroup on Leveraging New Technologies in LCA.  The new technologies we have identified so far include machine learning, big data, block chain, and internet of things.  These and other mathematical methods made available through advances in computer hardware, software, knowledge, and available data could align directly with CAST email list members who are interested in LCA. 


  I’m emailing to see if you want to volunteer for the workgroup on Leveraging New Technologies in LCA.  The initial objective of the workgroup is to develop a roadmap and paper to identify and recommend efforts describing how newer mathematical methods can be incorporated into LCA with considerations of faster or otherwise unobtainable results, uncertainty, and other opportunities and potential issues. 


  Please email me if you’re interested. 


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Raymond Smith

PhD Chemical Engineer, AIChE Fellow

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Center for Environmental Solutions and Emergency Response

26 W. Martin Luther King Drive

Cincinnati, OH 45268 USA


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