Dear CAST Community,

We have an open postdoctoral researcher position available at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The position is part of an existing NSF project: “Data-Driven, Multi-Scale Design of Liquid Crystals for Air Contaminant Sensing.”

The project aims to develop machine learning techniques that enable the efficient use of large sets of experimental and first-principles simulation data to understand multi-scale phenomena that govern the response of liquid crystals. Such insights are being used to inform the design of ultra-sensitive air contaminant sensors.

The successful candidate will work with a research team that integrates computational expertise (machine learning, density functional theory, and molecular dynamics) with experimental expertise (soft materials and environmental chemistry).

In terms of desired background, we are flexible. Please consider applying if you have a PhD in process systems engineering or computational materials and you are interested in obtaining further training in machine learning and its integration with first-principles simulations.

If you are interested in learning more about the position, please contact me directly.


Victor Z