Process Operational Safety and Cybersecurity: A Feedback Control Approach

Zhe Wu and Panagiotis D. Christofides


Springer, Advances in Industrial Control Series
ISBN 978-3-030-71183-2

Book Description:
This book is focused on the development of rigorous, yet practical, methods for the design of advanced process control systems to improve process operational safety and cybersecurity for a wide range of nonlinear process systems.

Specifically, the book develops designs for novel model predictive control systems accounting explicitly for operational safety considerations, presents theoretical analysis on recursive feasibility and simultaneous closed-loop stability and safety, and discusses practical considerations including data-driven machine learning modeling of nonlinear processes, characterization of closed-loop stability regions and computational efficiency. The text then shifts focus to the design of integrated machine learning detection and model predictive control systems which improve process cybersecurity and safety by efficiently detecting and mitigating the impact of intelligent cyber-attacks.

The book explores several key areas and aspects relating to operational safety and cybersecurity including:

1. machine-learning-based modeling of nonlinear dynamical systems for model predictive control;
2. machine-learning-based detection and resilient control of sensor cyber-attacks for nonlinear systems;
3. insight into theoretical and practical issues associated with the design of control systems for process operational safety and cybersecurity; and
4. a number of numerical simulations of chemical process examples and Aspen simulations of large-scale chemical process networks of industrial relevance.

A basic knowledge of nonlinear system analysis, Lyapunov stability techniques, dynamic optimization, and machine-learning techniques will help readers to understand the methodologies proposed. The book is a valuable resource for academic researchers and graduate students pursuing research in this area as well as for process control engineers.



Panagiotis D. Christofides
Distinguished Professor and Department Chair of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
William D. Van Vorst Chair in Chemical Engineering Education
University of California, Los Angeles
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