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The RAPID Manufacturing Institute, part of the Manufacturing USA network, operates out of AIChE, and in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), to promote transformation of the chemical process industry with the goals of improving energy efficiency, reducing waste, and increasing safety and productivity.

The RAPID Fellow works with RAPID’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) as part of the Technical Department to facilitate a wide range of technical, and outreach activities within the RAPID Manufacturing Institute. The RAPID Fellow works with a diverse RAPID staff and project teams from RAPID member organizations. The successful person for this role will coordinate seamlessly with project managers and have the ability to learn quickly, and engage technically in diverse projects in chemical engineering science.  Experience in process development, process intensification, and process systems engineering is desired.

The position is nominally a 12-month postdoctoral appointment with a target start date of August 1, 2021, and ending no later than September 31, 2022, with an option to extend for another 12 months. The position may be fulfilled via telecommuting with a demonstrated ability to work across geographic boundaries with multi-location teams. 

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Ignasi Palou-Rivera, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

RAPID Manufacturing Institute™

120 Wall Street, FL23 NY, NY 10005


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