Subject: Boundless Peake Computer Coding Tutor

Boundless Peake, an incorporated 501c (3) non-profit, was founded by Harold
Hodges to help under-served youth and young adults achieve academically and
professionally. The non-profit aspires to offer free tutoring, career
coaching and internet access to grades 6-12, and adults. The organization’s
underlying philosophy is that career and personal success require academic
support and professional support. Getting into a great school is a start.
Attaining good grades, and then translating that into a meaningful career
requires other tutoring, coaching, and continual support.

We are recruiting for a coding tutor to work with high school seniors and
college-aged students new to computing technology.  The individual will tutor
people in computer programming by teaching them how to write codes.  The
person will be expected to assist students in the creation and development of
software; and to help them learn how to maintain and fix code in various
formats.  Depending on the student’s needs and your capabilities, you can
help with anything from Java to C++.

Contact Person: Harold Hodges
Contact Email: [log in to unmask]
Website URL:

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