9th IFAC Conference on Foundations of System Biology in Engineering – FOSBE 2022 


Royal Sonesta Boston, 

Cambridge, MA, USA 

August 28-31, 2022 


The field of systems biology has been established in recent years as an interdisciplinary point of convergence, where molecular biology, high-throughput experimentation, mathematical & statistical modeling, and computational sciences meet to advance our fundamental understanding of living systems. Recent machine learning advances and the ever-increasing quest towards personalized and precision medicine provide further exciting avenues. Driven by the desire to push the envelope of systems biology towards addressing pressing health needs, the motto of FOSBE 2022 is “Systems Biology for Life'' and its distinguishing characteristic from previous FOSBE meetings is the increased focus on health and the strong attempt to establish direct links with quantitative systems pharmacology. Special efforts have been made to establish communication channels between engineers, systems biologists, pharmaceutical scientists, and medical professionals. Our primary objective is to establish new avenues and directions for solidifying the role of systems biology in advancing life sciences.  


Conference Organization: 

Conference Chair: Ioannis (Yannis) P.  Androulakis, Rutgers University 

Conference co-Chair: Maria Klapa, FORTH - Greece 

Nat’l Organizing Committee co-Chair: Eduardo Sontag, Northeastern U 

Nat’l Organizing Committee Industry co-Chair: Cynthia J. Musante, Pfizer 

Int’l Organizing Committee co-Chair: Eva Balsa Canto, National Spanish RC 

Int’l Organizing Committee Industry co-Chair: Benjamin Riba, Roche 

Publication Chair: Daniel Howsmon, UT Austin 


Invited speakers: 

K. Azer (Axella)    

C. Cho (Merck)    

F. Doyle (Harvard)  

P. Foteinou (BMS)   

L. Griffith (MIT)  

V. Hatzimanikatis (EPFL)    

J. Hahn (RPI)  

A. Hunt (UCSF)   

W.J. Jusko (U Buffalo)   

H. Kimko (AstraZeneca)    

E. Klerman (Harvard/MGH)    

D. Lauffenberger (MIT) – Keynote   

C.J. Musante (Pfizer)    

N. Price (Institute of Systems Biology)    

S. Ramanujan (Genentech)    

E. Sontag (Northeastern U)    

A. Valencia (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)    

E. Voit (GA Tech)    

S. Yang (Hubei University) 

Conference Sessions: 

Systems Biology: Past, Present, Future 

Systems Biology in the Machine Learning era 

Systems Biology meets Systems Pharmacology: More of the same or something new? 

Systems Biology in a Clinical Setting: From desktop to bed top 

Personalized Systems Biology: Bridging lifestyle and environment to genetics 

Systems Biology Education: What, Why, Who, and How 


Important Deadlines 

Nov 1, 2021:   Call for contributed papers opens 

Feb 1, 2022:    Contributed papers submission deadline 

Apr 4, 2022:    Registration open 

Jun 27, 2022:   Early registration deadline 


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