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I am sending a reminder that the new virtual Process Control, Optimization, and Data Analytics Young Researcher Online Seminar Series will begin next week. Our first speaker will be Moo Sun Hong; please see the text below for the presentation title, abstract, and a short biography for our speaker.


Note that this series will be held throughout the semester on the last Wednesday of each month from 10:10-11am EST. Below is the Zoom link that we will use:


I have also attached a calendar invite (ics file), so that you can add this information directly to your electronic calendar. If you have any trouble accessing the link, please email me directly at [log in to unmask].


Presentation title

Process Modeling and Control of Digital Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing


Presentation abstract

Recent trends in biopharmaceutical manufacturing provide opportunities for process systems engineering to make major advances in biomanufacturing. These trends ultimately lead biomanufacturing to digital manufacturing, which is an integrated approach to manufacturing centered around a computer system. Digital manufacturing is enhanced by using modern system engineering tools. This presentation describes how modern system engineering tools are applied for digitalization of biomanufacturing systems through process modeling and control. The presentation describes mathematical models and optimal control methods for multiple bioreactor configurations including microbioreactor systems and stirred-tank bioreactors. The presentation describes laboratory unit operation systems constructed for downstream process including protein crystallization and continuous viral inactivation. These systems are optimally designed and controlled based on first-principles models.


Speaker biography

Moo Sun Hong is a postdoctoral associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the group of Prof. Richard D. Braatz. Moo Sun received a B.S. in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Seoul National University and an M.S. in Chemical Engineering Practice and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from MIT. His research focuses on the mechanistic modelling and model-based design and control of biopharmaceutical processes. Awards for his research include the AIChE FP&BE Division Poster Presentation Award in 2019 and the AIChE Separations Division Graduate Student Research Award and AIChE PD2M Award for Excellence in Integrated QbD Practice in 2021.







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