Dear colleagues:


I am pleased to announce the launch of a new virtual seminar series Process Control, Optimization, and Data Analytics Young Researcher Online Seminar Series, which is organized by Joel Paulson on behalf of the IEEE CSS Technical Committee on Process Control.


The main goal of this series is to provide a platform for researchers from academia and industry to share their work with the process control community to foster collaboration and contact between people working on process control, optimization, and data analytics theory and applications. Although geared to early-career researchers, this seminar is open to researchers at all stages that are interested in sharing technical results that may be of broad interest to the community. The monthly webinars will be fully open, meaning anyone is welcome to join and ask questions or provide comments to the speakers, and will last for around 1 hour (with an approximately 40-minute presentation, followed by a 20-minute Q&A).


The line-up of speakers of the inaugural seminar series in Spring 2022 is as follows. All the seminars will be held from 10:10 am to 11:00 am Eastern Time.

1.       Moo Sun Hong; January, 26

2.       Mario Zanon; February, 23

3.       Antonio Del Rio Chanona; March, 30

4.       Dinesh Krishnamoorthy; April, 27

5.       Helen Durand; May, 25

The following Zoom link will be used to host all of the seminars for Spring 2022:


If you have any questions, or would like to nominate a speaker, please reach out to Joel Paulson or myself.



Ali Mesbah

Chair of the IEEE CSS Technical Committee on Process Control



Ali Mesbah


Associate Professor

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

University of California, Berkeley