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State of the Art - Process Development in the EU

*LIVE Thursday, December 1, 2022, 8:00am-10:00am EST*

Join us December 1st for a complimentary live webinar presented by Process
Development Symposium (PDS) Europe featuring presentations from industry
and technology leaders on the state of the art in process development.

The PDS EU community is a place to exchange wisdom, knowledge, tips, and
personal experiences in the development and scale-up of chemical and
related processes specifically targeted to a European audience. With a
technical program developed by a local organizing committee, sessions will
address the needs of those working in process development in Europe.


Topics covered may include:

   - 3D Printing
   - Decarbonization of the Chemical Process Industry
   - Digital Twins
   - Digitization of Operations, Process Optimization & Safety
   - Engineering Education
   - European Standards in Digitization
   - Thermodynamics and Property Data

*This webinar will feature the following presentations:*

   - *Introducing the 2023 Process Development Symposium Europe featuring
   Willi Meier, AIChE*
   - *PDS - State of the Art featuring Rafiqul Gani, PSE for SPEED Company*
   - *RAPID Updates & Perspectives featuring Ignasi Palou-Rivera, RAPID*
   - *Covestro Case Study Presentation featuring Martin Wolf, Covestro*
   - *Case Study Presentation*
   - *Live Q&A*


*SAVE THE DATE – PDS EU will be held June 26-28, 2023 | Frankfurt, Germany*

*Visit the webinar website
for updates and follow us at #PDSEurope23*


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