What if you could apply the optimization mindset you’ve learned in your CS classes to the question of how you can best improve the world?

Effective Altruism is a community that attempts to help people answer the question: “Given my limited time and resources, how can I do the most good?” 

Effective Altruism @ UMD is a student group that supports students with information, resources, and networking as they work through this question. 

In a world increasingly rich with high-quality data and growing technological risks, computer science majors have enormous potential to leverage their skills for good. Whether by ensuring the development of safe AI, creating models to measure the risk of new pandemics, or developing software for effective nonprofits, the skills of computer science majors prove to be an immensely powerful lever for positive change.

We are excited to invite computer science students to apply for our introductory fellowship. The goal of the fellowship is to introduce some of the principles and thinking tools behind effective altruism and cause prioritization. We hope that these tools can help you as you think through how you can best help the world. The fellowship will also share arguments for working on specific problems where an extra unit of work may be particularly impactful.

If you are interested in 8 weeks of readings and discussion on these topics with a small group of interested students, apply at by Feb. 15th!

Other ways to get involved with Effective Altruism @ UMD include:

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Contact person: Audrey Rappaport

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