FPISC 2023 will sponsor about 40 sophomore and junior undergraduates visiting the campus for 2 weeks, around the middle of July 2023. Some details in plan are as follows:

1) The program will consist of a series of lectures and hands-on sections on cutting-edge research fields, covering quantum information and technology, atomic and molecular physics, materials science and condensed matter physics, accelerator and synchrotron radiation application, plasma and magnetic confinement fusion, astronomy and particle physics, together with a tour to local historical attractions and multicultural events.

2) The admitted attendee will receive a scholarship of about 1800 USD to cover the round-trip flight tickets, and the accommodation and boarding cost during the visit will also be covered by USTC.

3) Based on their performance and research interest, students can apply for an extension for one to two more months to immerse themselves into a research group to conduct a specific project. If selected, students will receive additional support throughout their stay (including financial support, room and board, etc.), and will be honored two credits and/or an internship certificate after passing a final defense.

Pre-registration and more details are available on the webpage of FPISC 2023 at .

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Contact Ms. Man Chen via [log in to unmask]

Wenguang Zhu
Professor of Physics
School of Physical Sciences
University of Science and Technology of China
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