Biological Sciences Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Fellows Program Fall 2023


The Biological Sciences Program (BSCI) will employ Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs) Fall 2023.  BSCI UTAs will be paid to carry out specific duties, and will develop teaching and communication skills, organization ability, knowledge, and leadership. UTA positions fall into three categories: leading a lab or discussion section each week, helping to prep the labs each week, or grading and supporting student learning in lecture sections. Each UTA will be supervised by the instructor for the course they are assigned to and will be required to perform specific duties. UTAs are paid for an average of 10 hours per week, depending on the course requirements.  The stipend is $2250.00 for the semester, paid in an hourly wage. Failure to carry out TA duties can result in termination of the TA position mid semester.  General examples of duties are laid out here. The detailed duties will depend on the type of UTA position and the specific course.

---Attend weekly meetings as scheduled by course supervisor

---Attend lectures if required

---Teach one lab or discussion section per week (lab/discussion UTAs)

---Adequately prepare for teaching, grading, or otherwise supporting student learning

---For prep TAs, aiding in setting up all materials and prepping for lab each week

---Grade papers & assignments as assigned

---Hold regular office hours

---Help to proctor lecture exams as needed

---Be available the week prior to the start of classes for scheduled TA meetings

---UTA’s who have not previously done so will register for and attend a 1-credit weekly seminar course on teaching skills and issues, BSCI279P, which meets on Tuesdays from 3:30-4:20 pm (Grader and prep UTAs are exempt from this requirement)


New lab UTAs must attend a lab safety training session prior to or during the first week of classes. Other meetings will be required during the week before classes start.  If you cannot be available the week of August 21st 2023 do not apply for a TA position.  If you have major travel or other plans that will cause you to be absent during the fall semester do not apply for a TA position.


UTA applications are due April 15th, 2023.    Some UTA positions will be awarded in May.  Most positions will be awarded by June 30, 2023. Hiring will continue throughout the summer until all positions are filled. The hiring process is complex and time consuming.   Please be patient.


Minimum application requirements:

-Taken at least one 200-level BSCI course at UMCP

-Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher

-Taken the course they wish to TA at UMD with a grade of B or higher or earned AP credit for the course.

-Have sufficient time free for the UTA position.

-At least one 3-hour block of time available to teach a 2- or 3-hour lab or discussion

-Attend lectures for course as required

-Attend prep meeting.

-Attend the 1-hour-per-week teaching skills seminar course (new UTAs only) Tuesdays from 3:30-4:20 pm.


The courses available for UTAs and the typical prep meeting times for each course are listed below. UTA positions will be filled based on staffing needs, applicant backgrounds, availability and preferences, and input from course instructors.


BSCI135 Amazing Green: Plants that Transformed the World I-Series. Lab course. Prep meetings: Friday afternoon

BSCI151 (Formerly  BSCI150) Beyond Race, Human Biological Diversity.        Lecture course. TA meetings: TBA

BSCI160 Principles of Ecology and Evolution. Lecture course. TA meetings:  TBA

BSCI161 Principles of Ecology and Evolution Lab. Lab course. Prep meetings:  Friday 2pm – 5pm

BSCI170 Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology. Lecture course. TA meetings:  TBA

BSCI171 Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology Lab. Lab course. Prep meetings:  Friday 2 - 5pm

BSCI201 Human Anatomy and Physiology I. Lab course. Prep meetings: Friday 9 - 11am

BSCI202 Human Anatomy and Physiology II. Lab course. Prep meeting: Friday 11am - 1pm

BSCI207 Principles of Biology III – Organismal Biology. Lecture course. TA meeting TBA

BSCI222 Principles of Genetics. Discussion course. Prep meetings: Friday 2 – 2:50pm

BSCI330 Cell Biology and Physiology. Lab course. Prep meetings: Friday 1 - 3pm

BSCI353 Principles of Neuroscience. Lecture course. TA meetings TBA

BSCI370. Principles of Evolution.   Lecture course. TA meetings TBA.

BSCI447 General Endocrinology. Lecture course. Prep meetings: TBA

BSCI450 (former BSCI440) Mammalian Systems Physiology. Lecture course. Prep meetings: TBA

BSCI451 (former BSCI441) Mammalian Physiology Laboratory. Lab course. Prep meetings: TBA

Interested students fill out the application found here:


Contact person: Dr. Joelle Presson

Contact email: [log in to unmask]

Contact phone: 301-405-6892

Dr. Joelle Presson, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Academic Programs
College of Computer, Mathematical, & Natural Sciences
University of Maryland
1322 Symons Hall
College Park, MD  20742
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